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  • Kevin Molloy

City of Fairfax, VA Office of Emergency Management Planning, Training and Exercise Support

Perses Consulting is currently supporting the City of Fairfax Office of Emergency Management with planning, training, and exercise support. The planning component of this project includes updating and developing various City plans to set the office up for success in obtaining the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP) accreditation while building out a robust plan portfolio. Currently, Perses Consulting is leading the development of a Public Information and Crisis Communications Plan, updating the Commodity Points of Distribution Plan, and updating various Standard Operation Procedures and Guides. In addition to the development of these plans, Perses Consulting will be designing asynchronous online training that socializes the plans amongst responders. 

Perses Consulting is also supporting the City of Fairfax emergency management training and exercise program. This effort includes the design and development of quarterly HSEEP-compliant exercises. It also includes exercise facilitation, evaluation, and support of the corrective action program. The quarterly exercise series is utilizing a “crawl, walk, run” approach where each exercise leverages the ongoing planning and training work, whilst also building upon previous exercises. The exercises are designed to appropriately challenge EOC staff and City personnel in a no-fault environment that continues to bolster the City’s capabilities and resilience. 


  • Public Information and Crisis Communications Plan

  • JIC and Incident Notification SOP updates

  • C-POD Plan review and update

  • COOP Plan review and update

  • COG Plan review and update


  • Online asynchronous EOC training

  • C-POD training


  • EOC Functional Exercise: Hurricane

  • Q1 JIC Functional Exercise

  • Q2 C-POD Functional Exercise

  • Q3 EOC Functional Exercise

  • Q4 EOC Functional Exercise

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