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  • Kevin Molloy

El Paso Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Support

Perses Consulting is currently supporting the City / County of El Paso Office of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Paso del Norte region, with a COVID-19 after-action report, planning, training, and exercise support.

Project Components:

  • COVID-19 After-Action Report and Improvement Plan: A comprehensive evaluation of the region’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic considering stakeholder feedback, lessons learned, and best practices addressing the five following FEMA Core Capabilities (hereafter referred to as Priority Core Capabilities):

    • Public Health, Healthcare, and Emergency Medical Services;

    • Fatality Management Services;

    • Health and Social Services;

    • Economic Recovery; and,

    • Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

As well as including the four following FEMA Community Lifelines (hereafter referred to as Priority Community Lifelines): Safety and Security; Food, Water, Shelter; Health and Medical; and Communications.

  • Regional Pandemic Preparedness Plan: Development of regional pandemic preparedness plan with support plans/annexes as appropriate, based on the information gathered through the after-action process above and the Priority Core Capabilities and Priority Community Lifelines, as well as integration of existing independent jurisdictional plans.

  • Regional Pandemic Preparedness Plan Training and Exercise: Design, facilitation, and evaluation of training and a tabletop exercise to validate and update the newly created regional pandemic preparedness plan, which incorporates the Paso Del Norte Regional Catastrophic Coordination Framework.

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