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Greek Titan God of Destruction

Perses (pronounced "per sez") is the Greek Titan God of Destruction.

Ancient Greeks knew him as “The Destroyer,” accompanying soldiers in the heat of battle to conquer nations. He had a fondness for chaotic battle.

Perses was also a master of strategy. He reportedly had wisdom that could win battles even if the odds were stacked in his favor. The god was particularly helpful with military strategy, but he also had wisdom that surpassed all men.


Soldiers often prayed to Perses for assistance during battle. They didn’t just ask for his protection. Greeks turned to Perses for strength and strategy, ensuring that they had what it took to take out their biggest enemies.

Some versions of Perses’ tale say that he didn’t just focus on destruction. Some scholars believe that Perses was the god of both destruction and peace. Many in ancient Greece turned to Perses for more than just success during the war. They asked for a swift end to battle so that they could enjoy the peace that followed. Even if the pause was brief, many saw Perses as a symbol of what came after conflicts were resolved.

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