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In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. - Albert Einstein

Disaster Response: Perses Consulting offers comprehensive emergency management services, including disaster response support. Our team is prepared to assist Amtrak as needed during disaster response and recovery. Our team includes highly experienced personnel who have worked in all types of operations and coordination centers, in locations ranging from traditional facilities to austere environments. Training, exercises, and real-world experience position our team well to be able to support any task. When supporting operational coordination and information sharing efforts, we have found the keys to our success have been:

  • Deploying personnel with experience managing a wide array of natural, man-made, intentional, and technological disasters. While we take an all-hazards approach to our work, there are always unique intricacies associated with different types of hazards, and our team is prepared for any type of incident imaginable, and;

  • Personnel with 360 degrees of exposure to crisis management. Our cadre includes personnel who have not only spent time in operations centers, have also worked as first responders, policy makers, public information officers, and in numerous other roles in the field. This experience ensures they understand how best to support and predict the needs of other response partners when working in an EOC, JIC, other coordination center, or at an incident scene.

Our team includes a cadre of operations-based personnel who are prepared to deploy to support field response operations, including members with Incident Management Team (IMT), Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), and Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) backgrounds. Our team of licensed and certified practitioners are able to support emergency medical, clinical, or other regulated functions, and are able to support ancillary functions – everything from logistics specialists to note-takers. We are able to rapidly deploy to support emergency operations as needed, typically for two-week deployments, however we are able to tailor our response packages to meet Amtrak’s needs.

Our team also includes disaster response personnel who are experienced in supporting executive leadership and elected officials during disasters. These individuals are skilled in understanding the subtilties surrounding, and tact and professionalism required, to successfully support top leadership. This team’s goal is to make the life of leadership easier and enable them to perform the critical functions of their position by supporting a variety of complex needs 24/7.

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