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Madison Mattingly


Ms. Mattingly supported the District of Columbia’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for approximately three years and was activated over twenty times, including National Security Special Events, large special events, and incidents/disasters. She supported the EOC in several roles, including Planning Section (Section Chief, Deputy Section Chief, Resource Unit Leader, and Situation Unit Leader), Operations Section (Deputy Section Chief), and Logistics Section (Section Chief). As a member of the COVID-19 Human Services Branch, she supported the emergency non-congregant shelter program by designing, developing and maintaining resource management tools for the branch as well as serving as an overnight duty officer, conducting on-site visits, and troubleshooting operational and transportation issues. While activated as the Logistics Section Chief of the first-of-its-king Gun Violence Prevention EOC, Ms. Mattingly coordinated a $59 million dollar budget. She procured, tracked, deployed, and demobilized resources, developed section-specific SOPs, coordinated with multiple District and non-profit agencies and community-based events. Most recently, Ms. Mattingly assisted federally processed migrants crossing the southern California border, State's non-profit grantees, and vendors plan and implement shelter mobilizations and demobilizations; design operational processes, layouts, and process flows; build, exercise, and implement contingency and emergency response plans; and provide real-time issue triage for a myriad of operational and logistical items that arose at the shelters each day. Ms. Mattingly worked to build consensus and collaboration across 10+ agencies and organizations, often under tight deadlines and complex circumstances.


Madison Mattingly
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