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  • Kevin Molloy

Maryland Center for School Safety HSEEP Support Services

Perses Consulting is currently under contract with and providing Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guided exercise services to the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) exercise program.

For this effort, Perses Consulting is focusing on five key tasks:

  • Development, conduct, and evaluation of a discussion based exercise that tests participants' knowledge (primary agencies including MDEM, MCSS, MSP/MCAC, and MSDE/MJOC) of State notification processes and initial response to a school-based incident;

  • Design and facilitation of an Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop (IPPW) to support the identification of preparedness priorities for state agencies as they prepare for, respond to, and recover from school-based incidents.

  • Development of an Integrated Preparedness Plan that lays out the strategy and structure of an exercise program for school-based incidents;

  • Development of after-action report template and exercise templates for use by LSS and the State; and

  • Other exercise planning activities as assigned.

Activities under these tasks include (but not limited to):

  • Coordinate and collaborate with stakeholders in the development of exercise objectives and materials;

  • Develop exercise documentation, including documents to support exercise planning, conduct, and evaluation;

  • Support the conduct and evaluation of exercises;

  • Gather and analyze evaluation materials to develop AAR/IPs; and

  • Participate in all meetings and events.

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