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  • Kevin Molloy

National Level Exercise 2018

Washington, D.C. -

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency

March 2018 - June 2018

For National Level Exercise 2018, Perses Consulting supported exercise play for the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency's Consequence Management Team.

What is NLE?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) leads national-level exercises every two years. National Level Exercise (NLE) 2018 brought together more than 12,000 individuals across the whole community to examine the ability of all levels of government, private industry, and nongovernmental organizations to protect against, respond to, and recover from a major Mid-Atlantic hurricane. The exercise scenario involved a major hurricane that made landfall near Hampton Roads, Virginia, causing severe damage to residences, businesses, and critical infrastructure throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Fictional Hurricane Cora included power outages and cascading effects, with impacts to communications, transportation, water, and public works.

What is the CMT?

In its fullest composition, the CMT includes the Mayor, City Administrator, Deputy Mayors, the Public Information Officer, and senior leadership from all District agencies with a primary role in an Emergency Support Function. The CMT is the established advisory body to coordinate with HSEMA in the event of an emergency. It advises specifically on such issues as priorities, policies, plans, procedures, training, exercises, funding, and public engagement. The CMT will implement its decisions through the HSEMA Director or his designee. During an actual or imminent major emergency, the Mayor (or designee) will call together the CMT to serve as the emergency policy group and recommend such actions as a Declaration of Emergency, an Evacuation Order, or other related executive orders and/or proclamations. CMT members who need to physically report to the EOC for any given incident will be determined based on the type of incident and discretion of the HSEMA Director. However, in all stages of Emergency Operations Center (EOC) activation, all CMT members will be continuously briefed and updated and they, in turn, must remain available.

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