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  • Kevin Molloy

National Security Emergency (NSE) Plan

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Perses Consulting assisted in the development of an NSE Plan that describes key actions of the United States Government (USG) in response to a National Security Emergency as defined in Executive Order 12656. This plan will align USG civilian agency homeland security plans with Department of Defense (DOD) homeland defense plans while focusing on response and recovery actions required by an NSE or other complex incident but not sufficiently covered in the National Response Framework (NRF) or Federal Interagency Operational Plan (FIOP).

  • The planning effort will produce a base plan with key functional annexes that are threat/hazard agnostic.

  • The Plan will guide the US Federal Government actions only.

  • The Plan will include input from all-member agencies of the NSC Domestic Resilience Group and other Departments and Agencies (D/As) as needed.

  • The Plan will be developed within existing policy and legislative framework.

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