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Asheville, NC EOP, COOP, Training & Exercises

Updated: Feb 16

Perses Consulting is currently leading the creation of a comprehensive emergency management program for the City of Asheville, NC. Collaborating closely with the emergency management division managed through the Asheville Fire Department, Perses Consulting has supported the development of a robust planning, training, and exercise initiative to enhance the City’s overall preparedness and resilience. Throughout 2023, Perses Consulting has designed and developed multiple plans, trainings, and exercises that are actively shaping the emergency management landscape in the City. This work began with the development of a Citywide Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan. Through the development of these plans, we have hosted multiple workshops, trainings, and exercises in order to maximize whole community engagement. All of this work will culminate in our team’s facilitation of the upcoming Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop (IPPW) with City stakeholders and leaders. Upon identifying the preparedness priorities through the Workshop our team will develop the Integrated Preparedness Plan (IPP) and provide project management, planning, training, and exercise support for the POETE elements identified in the Plan. Current and anticipated planning, training and exercise tasks include:


  • Emergency Operations Plan, including:

  • Citywide EOP Base Plan

  • 19 Department-Specific EOP Annexes

  • 7 Hazard-Specific Annexes

  • Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan

  • COOP Base Plan

  • 9 Functional Annexes

  • 19 Department-Specific COOP Annexes

  • Elected Officials Emergency Operation Guide

  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Manual

  • 2023 Integrated Preparedness Planning


  • Community Engagement Public Survey

  • Community Engagement and Business Engagement Event Support

  • Private-Sector Coordinating Organization Engagement

  • Four (4) City Stakeholder Workshops


  • Online EOP101 Training

  • Online COOP101 Training

  • Just-in-time EOP/EOC Training

  • Online EOC Training 


  • Severe Winter Storm EOP TTX

  • Citywide Impacting COOP Vignettes TTX

  • Department Flood TTX

  • Civil Disturbance TTX

  • City Hall Fire Cyber Destruction TTX

  • EOC-EOP-COOP Functional Exercise

  • 2023 Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop

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