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  • Kevin Molloy

DC HSEMA LMS & Online Training Development

Since 2019, Perses Consulting has been providing project management, planning, training and exercise support services to the District of Columbia (DC) Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA). Starting in March of 2020, Perses Consulting was tasked with implementing HSEMA’s Learning Management System (LMS) and developing a suite of synchronous, asynchronous and hybrid online training courses. To accomplish this task, we tailored our standard training methodology approach (ADDIE) and used Articulate 360/Rise 360 to develop the online web-based training.

Online Training Development:

  • E0101 Foundations of Emergency Management

  • E0102 Science of Disaster

  • EOP Overview Training Design and Development

  • G0108: Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance

  • G0191 EOC/ICS Interface Design and Development

  • G0205 Recovery Design and Development

  • G0235 Emergency Planning

  • G0271: Hazardous Weather and Flooding Preparedness

  • G0290: Basic Public Information Course

  • G0300: ICS 300

  • G0556 Local Damage Assessment

  • G0557 Rapid Needs Assessment

  • G0358 Evacuation and Re-Entry

  • G0361 Flood Response Operations

  • G0386: Mass Fatalities Incident Response

  • G0393 Mitigation Design and Development

  • G0400: ICS 400

  • G0556 Local Damage Assessment

  • G0557 Rapid Needs Assessment

  • G2300 Intermediate Emergency Operations Center Functions

  • G2302 Emergency Operations Center Leaders Skillset

  • G2304 EOC Planning Support Skillset Course

  • G2306 EOC Resource Skillset Course

  • G2308 EOC Operations and Situational Awareness Skillset Course

  • Grocery Points of Distribution (POD) Training Development

  • HSEMA DRP/EOP/Services training scope and considerations

  • ICS 101 Training Design and Development

  • ISAQ/PEP-V Training Design and Development

  • ISAQ/PEP-V Training Tracking Documentation Development

  • OHR Street Harassment Training

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