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  • Kevin Molloy

District Preparedness Strategy

Perses Consulting, LLC supported the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) with the implementation of the District’s preparedness strategy through plan development, governance support, resource estimation, and program evaluation.

The District’s preparedness strategy was developed by HSEMA and authorized by the District’s Emergency Preparedness Council in June 2019. It identifies priority missions for capability development and lays out the constructs and methodologies that will be used to build priority capabilities. Tasks under this contract include:

Planning Support

  • Support for operational plan development: As part of the strategy implementation, HSEMA will lead the development of plans in accordance with an updated planning construct centered around single-agency owned services. The suite of plans includes: Service Plans, Mission Plans, and Hazard Specific Quick Reference Guides.

  • Development of the District’s preparedness framework: Support the creation of the District’s preparedness framework, which will document the constructs and methodologies that the District utilizes to implement the preparedness strategy. These constructs include governance structures, strategy development methodologies, the mission/service planning construct, resourcing and prioritization processes, and evaluation techniques.

Governance Support

  • Provide support to seven priority mission set task forces through meeting coordination, deconfliction, and documentation; administrative support to the task force project managers; coordination of subject matter expert participation as required; advisory support to ensure task force adherence to constructs documented in the framework and consistency across task force teams.

Resourcing Support

  • Serve as advisor to the priority mission area task forces as they identify the resources required to deliver services associated with each mission.

  • Assist Service owners for all developed Service plans with identification of resource requirements, resourcing options, and pre-scripted mission assignment specifications; align identified resources and gaps with the THIRA/SPR process.

Priority Mission Subject Matter Expertise

  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the mission task forces, providing subject matter expertise on the development of the capabilities associated with each mission.

Program Evaluation

  • Support the evaluation of the District’s preparedness program: Assist with the development and execution of processes and tools to evaluate the District’s preparedness program against standards established in the Strategy and Framework.

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