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  • Kevin Molloy

January 2022 I-95 Winter Weather Incident

The Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) has been charged to serve and protect the citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Part of this role is to assist localities, as needed. This contract is designed to assist help the Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST) with identifying strengths and areas for improvement as it relates January 3, 2022 Winter Weather event.

The overall goal is to perform the research for and development of a History and After Action Report for the Virginia response to the January 3, 2022 Winter Weather event, focusing on the activities of the Virginia Emergency Support Team (VEST).

This work includes (1) assessment of public messaging surrounding I-95 delays and stranded motorists; (2) analysis of critical and key decisions made surrounding a Governor’s emergency declaration and the net effect on the VEST’s response; (3) analysis of the Commonwealth’s ability to employ the Virginia National Guard (VANG) on short or no notice, which includes the VANG’s contingency planning prior to an emergency declaration. Included in this analysis is the Guard's ability to anticipate capabilities and force packages

appropriate to an event. (4) determine the ability of the VEST to stand up three (3) mission-ready teams during a surge in COVID cases.

Development of timeline reflecting the above as well as information collected from the following sources: open source data (news media), WebEOC, meeting minutes, VEST products (Spot Reports, Sit Reps, Talking Points, and other products), and on-site or virtual interviews with key VEST staff.

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