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National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium

National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium

After 10 years of growth, the District’s fusion center reorganized to upgrade the services it delivers to its customers. In January 2018, the District’s fusion center - by Mayor’s Order - officially became known as the National Capital Region Threat Intelligence Consortium (NTIC). The NTIC employs an all-threats, all-hazards approach. The NTIC operates 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. The NTIC is comprised of four (4) centers with over 30 intelligence analysts responsible for producing comprehensive analysis to enhance decision-making and situational awareness for executive leadership, first responders, critical infrastructure partners, and the public during steady state conditions.

The NTIC’s current planning doctrine is an Emerging Event Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). As a result of a reorganization, the NTIC sought a vendor to update this Emerging Event SOP by examining how the fusion center responds, operates, and demobilizes during an incident or special event. This project also provides HSEMA an opportunity to further integrate intelligence and information sharing into HSEMA’s emergency management construct.

Perses Consulting teamed with CNA Corporation to support HSEMA facilitate a series of planning meetings with NTIC staff and other partners to create an operational organization structure consistent with Incident Command System (ICS) principles, establish a concept of operations, confirm core functions, and develop position specific checklists. The final deliverable will consist of an updated Emerging Event SOP.

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