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  • Kevin Molloy

Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program Support

Perses Consulting, LLC is part of the team currently supporting the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency with implementation of their Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program.

The District of Columbia, in coordination with partner jurisdictions within the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) was awarded Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program funding to build capabilities that support the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Core Capability, specifically regarding food and water supply. Perses Consulting is leading Tasks 4, 5 and 6.

Task 1: Characterize the regional food and water supply chains and evaluate their resilience during catastrophic events.

Task 2: Identify short- and long-term food and water supply needs following a disaster.

Task 3: Develop online interactive tools that provide situational awareness and information-sharing to support management of food and water supply during and following a disaster.

Task 4: Recommend a food and water supply delivery and restoration plan for the MSA. Using focus groups and targeted stakeholder outreach, Perses will work with HSEMA to apply the knowledge gained under Task 1 and 2 and the tools developed under Task 3 to develop a food and water supply delivery and restoration plan that defines public and private sector responsibilities, maximizes private sector participation, and coordinates with the location and operation of established Points of Distribution.

Task 5: Identify and recommend Planning, Organization, Equipment, Training, and Exercise (POETE) actions to implement the delivery and restoration plan. Upon completion of the food and water supply delivery and restoration plan, Perses will identify, evaluate, and recommend options for operationalizing the plan, to include a process for measuring and tracking regional capability improvements.

Task 6: Convene a regional Stakeholder Summit. Upon completion of Tasks 1-5, Perses will plan and conduct a Stakeholder Summit to bring together all regional stakeholder partners to present the plan, solicit input on implementation actions, and identify sustainment strategies. A post-event report with action items will be prepared and shared with all participants and other relevant parties.

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